What We Do

We help the non-profit and social sector with technology by making it accessible and open to the community.

We have helped researchers, hospitals, universities, small businesses with a community focus, and non-profits by creating custom solutions that fit their needs. We are very proud of what we do and accomplish by helping talented scientists, visionaries and social entrepreneurs in their effort to better understand and help their community.

We have expertise in software engineering and data modeling and analysis.

Shown Above

We recently helped a community of organic farmers in Mont Tremblant get online exposure and offer their products worldwide.

Contact Us

Contact us by email at: info at codefor.community

Our Partners

Here are some of our recent partners


Each year we take on a few volunteers from local universities who want to gain relevant industry expererience. If you are a recent graduate, or an experienced professional who wants to donate a few hours or mentor volunteers, we would be happy to hear from you.